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本文摘要:5 Countries With the Fastest Public Wi-Fi in 20162016年全球五个WIFI最慢的国家Wi-Fi technology has only been around for a couple of decades, but demand for high-speed public access has exploded over the last few years.WIFI网络技术经常出现不过二十年,但在过去的几年里,人们对于高


5 Countries With the Fastest Public Wi-Fi in 20162016年全球五个WIFI最慢的国家Wi-Fi technology has only been around for a couple of decades, but demand for high-speed public access has exploded over the last few years.WIFI网络技术经常出现不过二十年,但在过去的几年里,人们对于高速公共网络的市场需求毕竟上涨。Many of the companies innovating in this space are located in the United States. However, in terms of how the U.S. compares to other countries in public Wi-Fi speed -- its barely a contender. The U.S. ranks number 19 on the list of countries with the fastest average public Wi-Fi download speeds according to RottenWifi.很多网络创意公司都坐落于美国,但是在公共WIFI的速度上,美国的竞争力却并不强大。在Rotten WiFi公布的全球公共WiFiiTunes网速排行榜上,美国仅有分列在第19位。Here are the five countries with the fastest public Wi-Fi as of 2016.以下是累计2016年公共WiFi速度最慢的5个国家:Lithuania立陶宛Topping the list of fastest public Wi-Fi is Lithuania, with average download speeds of 16.6 Mbps, nearly double that of the U.S.居住于榜首的是立陶宛的公共WIFI网咯,它的平均速度为16.6兆,完全是美国的两倍。

This small Baltic country seems very focused on promoting itself as a good option for businesses to set up shop as it tries to attract more international investment.为了更有更好的国际投资、让更加多的商家入驻,这个波罗的海边上的小国或许很侧重提升它的公共服务水平。This seems to be fueling the focus on tech-forward thinking, including investment in helping to spread public Wi-Fi in the country.立陶宛政府尤其注目技术前瞻性的点子,还包括投资扩展本国的公共WiFi网络。

Singapore新加坡Singapore has moved up the list in recent years, which makes sense as this small island-country between Malaysia and Indonesia has become a financial and technological tentpole of the region.最近几年,新加坡在榜单的名列有所下降,这也说道得合,这个坐落于马来西亚和印度尼西亚之间的岛国早已沦为该地区经济和科技的支柱。The Singaporean government has set up a program offering free public Wi-Fi via thousands of hotspots across the island called Wireless@SG.新加坡政府早已创建了一个取名为“Wireless@SG”的项目,通过在全岛成立几千个热点,来为大众获取免费的公共WIFI网络。Last year, the government announced that it is upgrading the hotspots to faster speeds and that they will double the number to 20,000 across the country by 2018.去年,政府称之为他们正在提升这些热点的网速,并谋求在2018年前将WIFI热点的数量减至2万个,是之前热点数量的两倍。

Switzerland瑞士Switzerland is serious about its public Wi-Fi -- locals and visitors can access the internet in public areas like parks, beaches, museums, public squares, and other open areas.瑞士很推崇他们的公共WIFI,不论是本地人还是游客,都可以在诸如公园,沙滩,博物馆,公共广场及其他公共室外场所享用到WIFI网络的覆盖面积。The country is also known for its skiing, and one operator there is combining the two.瑞士还以滑雪运动著称,瑞士一家运营商想将滑雪和公共WiFi融合在一起A resort near Davos recently opened a new chairlift that comes equipped with sensors that adjust the seat height before the skier boards, heated seats -- and free public Wi-Fi for the 8 minute ride to the top.最近,达沃斯附近的一个度假村开办了一种新型缆车,上面装有传感器,可以在游客转入缆车车厢之前调整座椅高度,并冷却座椅,同时在短短8分钟车程内获取免费的WIFI网络。Denmark丹麦Denmark wants to expand its public Wi-Fi reach further through an initiative that would see thousands of new lamp posts across the country connected with services beyond just offering light.丹麦提倡将国内的几千个灯柱相连到服务器,使其沦为WIFI热点——而非仅有不作灯光功能,他们想要借着此项工程将公共WIFI网络覆盖面积更进一步不断扩大。

As announced in 2014, the long-term vision is to have the lamp posts see coming bicyclists and increase their brightness accordingly, sense when theres a dumpster that needs to be emptied -- and also serve as free public Wi-Fi hot spots. The program is being developed in Copenhagen in conjunction with Cisco as part of its smart cities initiative.丹麦在2014年就发布了这一长年计划,他们是这样设想让路灯灯柱在感应器到行人或骑自行车的人附近时可以适当徵低路灯亮度,还可以感应器到附近的垃圾箱否早已装进必须清扫了,当然它们还可以获取免费公共WIFI热点。目前,丹麦政府与思科公司正在哥本哈根合作开发该项目,这是“智能城市”计划的内容的一部分。United Kingdom英国Though the U.K. makes the top five on this list, the government there wants to upgrade its connectivity infrastructure, particularly in London as a means to keep its status as a financial center of Europe.尽管英国名列榜单第五,英国政府仍旧想要对其连接性设备展开升级,以确保英国作为欧洲金融中心的地位。

Partner companies are working to install hundreds of devices in government fixtures (like lamp posts, etc.) throughout the City of London in 2017 to bring better connectivity to the area.今年,合作伙伴公司将在伦敦市加装大量新的设备(如灯柱等),更进一步提高伦敦地区的连网服务。Those hotspots will reportedly have speeds up to 1Gbps -- nearly 100 times as fast as average download speeds across the U.K. now.据信,这些热点的网速将不会超过1千兆比特——完全是英国现行网速的100倍。