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超重儿童父母的烦恼 我儿子那里太短了

本文摘要:The pediatric wisdom is that it’s often the mother who asks the question. 儿科医生们找到,往往是母亲问这个问题。But she usually says the question comes from the boy’s father.不过她一般来说不会说道,这是孩子爸爸让回答的。 His dad is worried, she begins. 一般她不会这样开始:他爸爸有点担忧。


The pediatric wisdom is that it’s often the mother who asks the question. 儿科医生们找到,往往是母亲问这个问题。But she usually says the question comes from the boy’s father.不过她一般来说不会说道,这是孩子爸爸让回答的。

His dad is worried, she begins. 一般她不会这样开始:他爸爸有点担忧。Is our son’s penis a normal size? Is it too small? Is something wrong?我们儿子的阴茎大小长时间吗?是不是太小了?是不是问题?Most of the time, everything is perfectly normal. 大多数时候,一切都很长时间。But what most of those boys have in common is their physique: They tend to be overweight.不过,这些男孩大多有一个联合的体形问题:他们往往都超载。

Questions about penis size have become more common over the past decade, as my colleagues and I have all seen more overweight children coming in for physical exams. 过去10年中,我和同事们看到更加多超载儿童来身体检查;这期间,关于阴茎大小的问题也显得更为少见。And these worries reflect cultural preoccupations and anxieties, which can make the conversation highly fraught for all concerned.这些忧虑体现出有一种文化着迷和情绪,它让谈话对于关心这个问题的所有人来说都变得充满著压力。

I see dissatisfaction with the phallus very regularly, said Dr. 我常常看到对阴茎的反感,费城儿童医院(Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)的小儿泌尿科医生阿西姆舒克拉博士(Aseem Shukla)说道。Aseem Shukla, a pediatric urologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and associate professor of urology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. 他也是宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)佩雷尔曼医学院(Perelman School of Medicine)的副教授。He said that with 10- to 11-year-old boys, a common thing is, my son’s penis is too short.他说道,对10到11岁的男孩来说,一个少见的担忧是,我儿子的阴茎太短。The vast majority of the parents who bring up the issue with their pediatricians after the newborn period have children whose genitals fall in the normal range. 对于大部分在新生儿阶段过后向儿科医生明确提出这个问题的父母来说,他们孩子的阴茎大小往往在长时间范围内。

A baby or toddler’s penis can look very small, and maybe especially when the child himself is larger rather than smaller. 婴儿或学步期儿童的阴茎有可能看上去十分小,特别是在是如果孩子本身体形较胖的话。Watching their bodies as they grow, parents sometimes begin to worry about heavier boys and whether their genitals are normal.父母们看著他们渐渐长大的身体,开始担忧他们否超载,生殖器否长时间。

The penis can be buried in the fat pad that sits in front of the pubic bone, and it can remain hidden as boys go through adolescence. 阴茎有可能挖出在耻骨上面的脂肪垫里,在整个青春期有可能都秘藏在里面。What is called a hidden penis can be a combination of being prepubertal (so the penis has not begun to grow), being overweight (so the fat pad is significant), and in some cases an anatomical condition in which the soft tissue below the skin of the penis doesn’t adhere well to the Buck’s fascia,它被称作隐蔽阴茎,成因有可能还包括以下三个方面:没有到青春期(所以阴茎还没有开始生长);超载(所以脂肪夹很显著);在某些情况下是生理结构问题——阴茎皮肤下的软组织没与巴克筋膜很好地融合一起。the thick covering that surrounds the penile nerves and arteries. 巴克筋膜是环绕阴茎神经和动脉的厚厚的覆盖物。

This fixation problem can yield what Dr. Shukla described as a slidey penis, in which the actual shaft retreats and only the skin, or the foreskin, in an uncircumcised boy, is clearly apparent.这个相连问题可能会造成舒克拉博士所说的滑滑的阴茎,确实的柱状体限进来了,只有皮肤(也就是包皮)很显著地回到并未拒绝接受环切手术的男孩体外。There are some surgical procedures which can unbury that concealed penis, but Dr. Shukla said that except in extreme cases, it made more sense to wait and let the child grow older — and, ideally, slimmer.手术可以让隐蔽的阴茎显露出来,不过舒克拉说道,除非在极端情况下,更加合理的作法是等孩子长得更大一些——而且最差是让他髯一些。

And for preadolescent boys that is often a very welcome solution. 对于青春期前的男孩来说,这一般来说是很热门的解决方案。The kids are usually pretty relieved that we’re not going to cut, Dr. Shukla said.孩子们获知我们会一动刀子,一般都会泊一口气,舒克拉博士说道。But while they are relieved, they still want reassurance.不过,虽然他们泊了口气,但仍然想获得确保。

I basically say, first of all I want you to know that you are absolutely and completely normal, Dr. Shukla said. 我基本上不会说道,首先我想要让你告诉,你意味著、几乎长时间,舒克拉说道。We don’t all walk around with our pants down, and we don’t see how everybody is. 我们并不是都光着屁股四处回头,我们看不到别人的长什么样。But you should realize the private area can be different, and because yours looks different from your brother’s doesn’t mean there is something wrong.但是你必需告诉,私处有可能各有不同,你的与哥哥的不一样,并不意味著你有什么问题。

There is a condition called micropenis, and it should be diagnosed in the newborn period, because it can reflect a variety of disruptions of the hormone system during pregnancy, which at some point prevented the usual effects of testosterone. 有一种疾病叫小阴茎,它在新生儿阶段就应当被临床出来,因为它能体现出有孕期激素系统的某些出现异常,这在某一阶段妨碍了睾丸素的长时间起到。Micropenis can reflect any of a number of rare genetic syndromes and hormone problems, and early diagnosis is important to make sure that other hormonal issues, like low blood sugar, don’t endanger the baby.小阴茎能体现出有少见基因综合征和激素问题,早期临床对于保证没其他激素问题严重威胁婴儿生命很最重要,比如低血糖。

The relevant measurement, in a boy of any age, is the stretched penile length, measuring from the pubic bone, and stretching the nonerect penis to the point of resistance; in a full-term newborn, the mean stretched penile length is 3.5 centimeters. 不管是多大年龄的男孩,有意义的测量都应当是弯曲的阴茎长度,也就是把没阴茎勃起的阴茎最大限度剪切,从耻骨量到阴茎末端。Micropenis (at any age) is defined as a penis 2.5 standard deviations or more below the mean, so in full-term newborns, we worry about any child below 2 to 2.5 centimeters. 足月新生儿的阴茎平均值弯曲长度为3.5厘米。小阴茎(在所有年龄)是指比这个平均值较低2.5个标准差或更加多的阴茎,所以我们担忧的是所有阴茎较短于2至2.5厘米的足月新生儿。

For older boys, doctors use growth charts that reflect the child’s age and physical maturity.对于更大一些的男童,医生用于的是体现孩子年龄和身体成熟度的茁壮图表。And until the hormones of puberty kick in and the penis begins to grow, a statistically normal penis on a disproportionately large body can look small to a worried parent.在青春期激素开始发挥作用、阴茎开始生长之前,在一位忧虑的父母显然,从统计学角度来说长时间的阴茎在一个偏胖的身体上,就不会变得太小。Merritt Jensen, a pediatric psychologist, works with the division of urology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 儿科心理医生梅丽特詹森(Merritt Jensen)与费城儿童医院泌尿科合作。I hear a lot of parents just wanting to be reassured it is within the realm of appropriate and typical and that it’s going to work correctly, she said. 很多父母只是想要证实,它在适合、典型的范围内,将来不会功能长时间,她说道,The mom often will say it but you can see the relief in Dad’s face.母亲常常不会说道出来,但你能看见父亲脸上如释重负的表情。

None of these conversations are easy, from the nervous questions in the pediatric office to the specialist referrals.这些谈话都不更容易——从儿科诊室里紧张不安的问题到转诊意见。Dr. Shukla said that he tries to reassure preadolescents that if they lose some weight and still feel that there is a problem when they reach puberty, they can come back to address it.舒克拉说道,他希望让青春期前儿童安心,如果他们体重有所减低,到青春期之后仍然实在有问题,可以再行来咨询。

I push down and I show them the length and width, Dr. 我给他们看长度和笔画度,舒克拉说道。Shukla said. 他对他们说道:你几乎会有问题,你不会享有幸福的人生。

And he tells them: You are going to be totally fine, you are going to have a great life.。